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We konden goed kwijt wat ons probleem was en wat wij wilden. De uitvoering van alles is gewoon perfect. Top advocaat.

It was very easy to work with Inge Eggen- te Pas. I knew I was in capable hands. Inge is very knowledgeable about

Sarah was very kind and easy to talk to. Besides that, she gave us clear answers to our questions and I felt confidence

Edward van Kempen is my lawyer, helping me to solve the resident gap problem. In two years, he tried his best to solve

Edward van Kempen help me on my case regarding residence gap. It took a very long time from the IND side but the whole

It was a pleasure to use their services.Sarah helped us out with the process of getting a visa for my spouse.Everything

Kroes Advocaten was extremely helpful, with a great level of professionalism, documentation efficiency.Extremely high

Working with Kroes Advocaten, especially Sander Groen was extremely helpful on many levels. Not only he has great

Sarah was extremely punctual and clear at every step of the process. Thanks to her I immigration process was not

response is very good and explanation is very clear to understand.good performance.

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