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The idea of Goal Nabber has it source in the following observations:
• To achieve most things if not everything, we must work in teams.
• Most of the time, we are executing projects and solving problems. Many of the problems are recurring.
• It isnt easy to manage teams and stakeholder expectations.
• There is a gap between theory and reality of applying best practices.
• We want to be less stressed and do better at our jobs.

Our vision is to help the greatest number of people and companies possible by bringing together advanced management techniques and technology to our users. We believe that practice makes perfect and that technology can make it common practice. We see our users save time from unproductive tasks, focus on their objective and reach their targets with more serenity.

In a company undergoing transformation, Sarah is a Master Black Belt. She has to gain support from stakeholders, to show the achievement being made, to develop and empower the teams.

Gain support
To gain management support, minimum expectations are to deliver value quickly at low cost.

Show Achievements
Quick wins and incremental change are essential to gain momentum.

Empower team
Empowering people and teams requires that they have the means and ability to meet their targets.

Companies have an increasingly broader set of activities and task to manage. Jeromy is a Program Manager with a team of Project Managers. Customer are expecting more and more value, faster and with agility. He has to drive team effectiveness, to confidently delegate projects, to identify and resolve issues quickly, to eliminate recurring issues.

Team effectiveness
Team effectiveness is also about creating the right environment for everyone to exceed expectations.

Develop capabilities
Develop advanced management skills in the team by doing while getting real time feedback.

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