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Marchon Benelux

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The Marchon Global Collection is an iconic cornerstone in the American eyewear industry.It is a standalone product that continues to transcend time due to its incorporation of innovative and original technology. We look to further secure our presence as a leader in the market by introducing our Global Collections worldwide to universal customers and accounts.

Marchon, headquartered in New York, employs more than 2,300 people globally who are focused on our customers. Marchon's global network is extensive, with regional and local offices located in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom and United States. We cover over 100 additional countries through a vast network, servicing in total over 86,000 accounts. Our retail division distributes eyewear to the world's most prestigious department stores, boutiques and Duty Free partners.

Our portfolio of winning brands include a wide array of prestigious fashion and sport labels that generate over 16 million frames sold annually. Since 1983, highly skilled individuals, innovative design and cutting edge technology have defined Marchon. It is this commitment and passion which has helped to solidify our superior reputation in the market.

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  • Airlock,
  • Calvin Klein Collection,
  • Calvin Klein Jeans,
  • Calvin Klein Platinum,
  • Chloé,
  • Columbia,
  • Dragon,
  • DVF,
  • ETRO,
  • Flexon,
  • G-Star RAW,
  • Karl Lagerfeld,
  • Lacoste,
  • Liu Jo,
  • Marchon NYC,
  • Marni,
  • MCM,
  • Nautica,
  • Nike,
  • Nine West,
  • Salvatore Ferragamo,
  • Sean John,
  • Skaga,
  • Trés Jolie,
  • Valentino,
  • X Games


  • Airlock & Nautica & Nine West,
  • Calvin Klein Collection & Calvin Klein Jeans,
  • Chloe & DVF,
  • Dragon & Nike,
  • ETRO, MCM and Columbia,
  • G-Star Raw & Skaga,
  • Liu Jo & Salvatore Ferragamo,
  • Marni, Karl Lagerfeld and Lacoste,
  • Sean John & Valentino,
  • Tres Jolie & X Games & Flexon


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    op 31 mei 2018 heb ik een berichtje gestuurd en op 19 juni had ik nog niks gehoord behalve dat ze binnen kort contact zouden opnemen vandaag de 19 juni 2018 heb ik weer een berichtje gestuurd en ook nu nemen ze weer contact met me op ik ben zeer benieuwd of ze het nu wel gaan doen