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Architecture surrounds us, both consciously and subconsciously. It lends objects spatial quality. It arranges and structures without having to dogmatically abide to defined rules. Architecture determines our living space, and is therefore a fundamental building block for surroundings worth living in. Its simple: good and expressive architecture is enriching!

Its about making a dining table the centre of communication and the place where families and friends come together to eat and talk - this is what we mean when we talk about important aspects of life and it is just this that is evermore gaining importance and relevance in our society. A dining table sets the scene for the getting together of people. Its the place where one indulges with one another, where one discusses and exchanges thoughts and information, and generally it is the place where people spend a lot of time with one another. That is why a dining table has great significance, and should be given exceptional attention.

Up to now RITZENHOFF has focussed more on the tables already set. Design lovers around the globe have been delighted by the fancy collections that are now to be followed by another success story. RITZENHOFF has let itself be inspired by architecture, and is now serving a whole new competence: RITZENHOFF TABLE ARCHITECTURE. The brand includes different series bound to be appreciated by the formidable ones among us with ample style and functionality, and quality and value.

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