Shoecare Schoenmakerij in Amstelveen


    Binnenhof 7/C, 1181ZG, Amstelveen

2 / 10/ 5

Gemiddelde uit 1 beoordelingen

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Shoecare Schoenmakerij

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Gemiddelde beoordeling

2 / 10/ 5

Gemiddelde uit 1 beoordelingen

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    1 / 10/ 5

    I wanted to change the complete hills of my shoes.I went to the Shoecare Schoenmakerij in Rembrandthof 55c 1181 ZL Amstelveen (located within Amstelveen shopping center). Apparently, my order has been misuderstood by the jung inern who quickly accepted my shoes. When I came to receive the made shoes back, I paid 9,95 Euro and learned that they changed only the small cover of the hill and painted with black the hill itself. I was shocked when I saw the shoes. I insisted to get my money back because of the mistake. However, the owner - an older person, stared arguing with me, humiliate me infront of many people who were in the shop and discriminated me by saying: "This is not how we communicate here in Holland!" He repeated this several times, meaning that because I was expressing myself in English, I am guilty that they misuderstood their task. This Mr. did not want to accept his mistake and reimburse my money. My husband and I had to argue with him for long time, and I made an official complain to the management of the Amstelveen shopping center. A horrible service and a discriminating attitude towards the clients. Of course I will never go there again and recommend my friends against going to this paradoxically English named "Shoecare".