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Tanis Food Tec is a world leading supplier of food processing equipment for bakery, confectionery and dairy products. As your partner they design modern, intelligent plants for continuous and fully automatic production. Constant development of applications for new products are based on the need for a small footprint in the facility, flexibility of production and financial viability of a production line.

The hygienic, closed systems combine all classic processes, like premixing, aeration and tempering but can also include injection of additives, inclusion of granulates and an integrated Cleaning in Place system. Also available are systems for weighing, decoration, cutting and finishing. Fast product changes with a minimum of downtime and human interference are a priority.

Benefits of automatic processing
Processing gives complete and precise control over the parameters viscosity, density, temperature, crystal structure, pH level and capacity. The structure of a base material can be changed to the right taste, texture, bite, snap and feel. Secondly profit margins of your production plant improve due to waste reduction and decrease of ingredient use. Thirdly the reliability of output quality is raised enormously which contributes to efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Products that can be processed
- Fillings for wafers and biscuits: cream, jam, caramel, marshmallow, chocolate, nougat, peanut butter
- Cake (e.g. Brownies, muffins, cupcakes, sponge cake, Swiss rolls, etc.)
- Gateaux, both frozen and fresh
- Marshmallows: new process with cold extrusion gives firmer shape on a shorter line
- Fat creams & chocolate, compound for bars and pralines
- Candy bars
- Mousse, yoghurt, butter, ice cream

All equipment is designed according to European EHEDG hygiene criteria of which group they are a member. Test lab facility available at its HQ in The Netherlands. See for more details tanisfoodtec.com.

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