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I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and Food Coach, for the last 15 years, with a passionate desire and belief that everyone can and should reach their greater potential.

I create fun and challenging workouts, that are specific to the goals and needs, of the "Trainee". I combine flexibility, core, weight training and corrective/functional training, into each workout. Some Trainees have workouts that consist mainly of flexibility, breath work and balance; while others hit the weights/body weight exercises hard, and sweat for one hour.

I have an amazing detox/weight loss system which includes non-toxic proteins (so you don't burn muscle), that is so easy and incredibly effective. Many Trainees begin with this, to reset metabolism, get off food addictions, get into better habits and get a jump start.

I help a person bring balance and vitality, to their body, by improving habits. Our habits in movement, nutrition and thinking, have an immediate impact on our daily experience. Regular habits become a part of us and become the way we live, the way we walk through and experience life.

My focus is on movement, posture, health from the inside out and connection with ones body. I aim for consistent changes in many areas, bringing together a holistic result. I challenge uncomfortable areas, which stimulate the desire change.

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