Waxx Kappers in Arnhem


7 / 10/ 5

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Waxx Kappers

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Gemiddelde beoordeling

7 / 10/ 5

Gemiddelde uit 2 beoordelingen

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    5 / 10/ 5

    Beste kappers ever!!

    2 / 10/ 5

    I had a previous hair disaster with bleach at T&G and had to cut all my hair short. After growing it back for 1.5 years I read a lot of reviews before I chose Waxx (Sofia, as she is a Wella Master Colourist). I had been very careful with my hair, never dyeing it and not using heat. Told her I was growing my hair & explained my previous disaster, I wanted to get balayage highlights & I took a lot of photos with me. She cut A LOT off (5-6 inches!) and I had to stop her before she took more off :( I said I'd like a fringe (pony) and she refused to do it, saying it wouldn't look good! She asked if I'd like scrunched natural curls or with heat, I said no heat, she said she would use the heated tongs anyway :( Why ask if you only ignore the customer? It did look nice but was much shorter than I wanted. Afterwards I asked what heat protectant spray she used as I wanted to buy some & she told me she had only used normal hairspray!! WTF?!! Alcohol hairspray DOES NOT protect against heat :( :( At home the colour faded after the first wash & went a bit orange so I went back to ask if I should use a purple shampoo & she was quite aggressive, saying that the colour hadn't faded and that I was imagining it. Even though all the guys I worked with noticed it had changed colour (if a man notices then you know it's obvious, right?). I'm sure she's a good hairdresser but she will only give you the haircut that she wants, and not the one that YOU want. While I was having my haircut I saw another girl getting highlights who was very unhappy with the results (there was barely any colour change in the girl's dark hair) so they had to do her hair again. All in all it was a bad and expensive experience (€150 I think), I wouldn't go back there.