XCLNT in Amsterdam


2 / 10/ 5

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Gemiddelde beoordeling

2 / 10/ 5

Gemiddelde uit 2 beoordelingen

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    1 / 10/ 5

    XCLNT is Oplichters. beloofd 20% tot 40 % goed koper. krijg factuur 3 keer zo duur als vorig vast telefoonabonnement.

    1 / 10/ 5

    Unprofessional. I would avoid using this company. A while ago, I received a call form someone whom I understood to be calling from Ziggo, our current provider for our telephone, Internet TV services. The caller asked whether I would like to be paying 20 - 40% less for their services. I thought this would mean the possibility of getting a good discount off our current Ziggo package, so I said that I would be interested in a discount. However, the speaker was explaining the deal in Dutch and I wasn't sure of what was entailed in the deal. I said that I needed an email explaining the deal before I agreed to anything. Following that, I received an email from Ziggo saying that they were notified that we would be ending our landline telephone service with them. We had no such agreement. Ziggo said that a company called XCLNT had taken over the contract. I then found an email from XCLNT stating that we had agreed to using their services which was not true. Surely, this kind of dealing is fraudulent?